From a donor’s perspective…


From a donor’s perspective…

Last week, my colleague Michelle wrote about the importance of staying in touch with our donors (and our thirteen year-old daughters!), especially now when we can’t gather in person regularly. I couldn’t agree more with Michelle and today offer a reflection from the donor perspective.

This past week, my husband and I participated in a Zoom gathering for a planned giving society of which we are members, for a nonprofit based in Virginia. We’ve supported this nonprofit that “strives to inspire and empower children, families, and early childhood professionals to reach their full potential, whatever their challenges,” since 1991, when the organization took a chance on me as a young professional and hired me as its first-ever director of development. We became members of the planned giving society in 2000 when we included the organization in our will.

Over the years, we’ve gotten regular mail updates from the organization and the occasional phone call and email thanking us for our support. We’ve also been invited to the annual celebration of the planned giving society but, since it is held in Virginia, have never attended. This year, since it was held on Zoom, we were in! Honestly, I was excited to participate simply to see the faces of old friends. I didn’t expect much more beyond that. What I found by the end of the 40-minute call was a re-commitment to supporting the organization – I was blown away by the creativity, ingenuity and tenacity of the staff members who have found ways to continue to provide critical services safely during these times. And I was struck by what they said they’d learned in having to make so many changes with virtually no warning.

The format of the call was pretty simple and obviously worked well. We were promised ahead of time the call would last no more than 40 minutes. About 24 people total participated, including donors, board members and staff. After signing on, we each briefly introduced ourselves (names only) and were welcomed by the couple who chairs the giving society. They thanked us, spoke for a few minutes about the importance of the organization and our support, and turned it over to the executive director. He then gave a high-level update on happenings during the past six months, and introduced the director of children’s services who gave a more specific update. The ED then opened it up to questions – and, after an awkward pause, there were some good ones. Finally, the ED recognized the newest members of the society and presented them virtually with a plaque (which would then be hand-delivered to homes). To close, at the 39-minute mark, the host couple thanked us and we all bid farewell.

Zoom is surely not the ideal way to engage donors, but the call left me feeling more committed to the organization – and also underscored Michelle’s message: now more than ever, keep in touch with your donors.

by: Molly Galo, Senior Consultant HPS Chicago

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