Our Donors Deserve to Know


I have a 13-year old daughter. Getting her to join us for dinner this summer has become a Herculean feat. On long summer evenings she’d rather eat in front of the TV and send Instagram messages to friends.

I get it. As a parent, I’m not cool any more.

But I still want to know about her life. I want to know how she spent her time, what conflicts developed, what things went her way, and how I can help. I’m invested in my daughter just as our donors are invested in the missions of our nonprofits.

Even though things feel strange right now, donors are interested in the activities of our nonprofits.  We owe it to them to be transparent about the successes, as well as the challenges.

As some of our programs have come to a screeching halt, due to Covid-19, it’s been a temptation for me to resist reaching out during this time. Sometimes I feel like there’s not enough news to tell. But although it feels like things are at a standstill, when I took stock in some recent activities, I realized we’ve accomplished a lot.

Here’s a glimpse:

Recent Accomplishments with Donated Dollars:

  • We raised contributions for Covid-19 that are still making a difference
  • We improved a group home by providing a new roof and chimney repairs funded through a Foundation
  • We exceeded fundraising goals for the spring virtual event
  • We provided virtual programming for participants with assistance from Occupational Therapy interns
  • We formed a Safety Reopening Committee that has kept staff and participants safe

 Current Activities:

  • We are actively seeking six new hands-on support staff
  • We are soliciting funds for a kitchen renovation for a group home

These are the things our doors deserve to know bout. This demonstrates how we have been investing their dollars. But unlike a parent, they are not going to keep asking us to “come sit down for dinner.” It is up to us to provide these updates and insights without being asked.

We may choose a visit or phone call with our donors. Others might prefer a newsletter. But we need to keep them updated. After all, they are invested in us and want to know, “How are you spending your time, what things went your way, what conflicts developed, and how can I help?”

by: Michelle Jimenez, Senior Consultant HPS Chicago

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