Show your donors their impact


Lisa Bertagnoli from Crain’s recently wrote an article about the CEO of Guaranteed Rate Victor Ciardelli. The Guaranteed Rate Foundation gives money directly to families that have come across an unexpected hardship, to help them in such tough times.

I was fortunate to be interviewed and was quoted as saying “There is a much stronger appetite for donors to know exactly where their money is going. All donors really want to see their investment at work. They want to touch it, feel it, see it truly have an impact.”

So what does that mean?

Simply, shine, in bright lights the impact their donation is having on your clientele.

A major donor for one of our clients has buildings named after him at a major university but has shifted his focus from this particular institution to a small non-profit in Park Ridge. I asked him why recently and he said….”because I know EXACTLY where my money is going. I trust it is changing lives.”

There is so much power in those words. Trusting, seeing and feeling the impact. Bring that impact to your donors, they will appreciate it!

The other key in word in my quote is “investment”.

There is an old adage, if you want your donors to make an investment in you, make an investment in them!

Think creatively about how you can make an investment in your donor. That used to come in a way of a thank you or acknowledgment. While that’s important, think creatively how you can show impact. Could you share impact stories using multi-media, host donors for an “insiders” breakfast, have a Board member invite a donor to a site visit? There are a wide variety of possibilities.

Your donors will feel and truly appreciate your efforts and ultimately, that will result in additional investments!

by: Michael Bruni, Partner, HUB Philanthropic Solutions


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