What Motivates You?


My post from back in July titled, “What’s Your Why?” discussed the need to clearly communicate your organization’s impact in your case for support. We all know that our donors need to understand how their investment in our mission will change/save lives. The truth, after all, is that…


Today I want to ask you a related question? What is your personal motivation?

Let’s face it. This is the time of year when things seem to ramp up across the board. There are year-end giving strategies, annual reports that need to be produced, budgeting for the next fiscal year, staff reviews, maybe even a fall event to execute. And, while that’s a pretty hefty load to carry, I’m sure I missed a few key items on your to-do list as well. Our attention and our energies are being pulled in multiple directions and, at times, it may start to feel overwhelming.

So, in the midst of all of the demands that are being placed on your time and attention over the next several months, now seems like the perfect time for a check-in to remind ourselves of our personal “WHY?” What is the thing (or things) that inspire you to get out of bed to do this work every day?

  • Is it the children that you are helping to find a forever home or shelter from the streets?
  • Is it your grateful patients or the families who have the benefit of hospice during unbearably trying times?
  • Is it the music, theatre or dance programs that your company creates, which in turn inspire people throughout your community?
  • Is it the dedicated educators or program people who are relentless in delivering on your mission?

For me, it is having the opportunity to help my clients advance their goals and it’s working with folks who, every day, are shaping a better future for my boys and the world they will inherit.


Regardless of what your inner driver is, I have found that giving yourself a chance to focus on “your why” and recalling the impact you are helping to make happen will inspire you to carry on – even when the mountain of work before you appears somewhat daunting. Thanks for all that YOU do to change the world we live in!

by: David Gee, Associate Vice President, HUB Philanthropic Solutions


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