Is your nonprofit catering to the gluten free donor?


It seems there isn’t a restaurant around that doesn’t offer or provide a gluten free menu or gluten free options for a meal. The restaurants (outside of the fast food ones) are very accommodating to the changing diets of their customers.

A question every nonprofit staff member should be asking and reflecting on is…is your organization catering to the gluten free donor? No, I’m not talking about the dietary choices of your donor, I’m talking about the ever-changing landscape of the how donors choose to engage and donate to nonprofits.  The real question I’m trying to ask is are you accommodating to your investors and future investors?

Our donors are customers and we show flexibility as well as innovation when dealing with the changing landscape of fundraising especially in a competitive market.  If a donor is inquiring about donating via a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) are you informed and educated to discuss this vehicle of giving with them? If a donor wishes to donate through a Charitable Gift Annuity does your Gift Acceptance Policy accept these? If not, do you have an answer of why not?

Just like restaurants want that customer to come back, promote the great food and experience with their friends and post the online message that they loved the gluten free pizza (I recommend extra crispy with extra sauce) nonprofits sometimes need to respond and act the same way. We do need to cater to the varying donors and their changing giving habits.

Make sure you have GF options on your donor menu.

by: Tim Kennedy, Associate Vice President, HUB Philanthropic Solutions


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