Event Planning — Is it Just for the Event Planner?


This question is on my mind as my feet are still throbbing from last night’s fundraiser.  The last boxes were put in my trunk after midnight.

You see as Vice President of Development, my current responsibilities include managing the fundraising and logistics for my client’s signature event.  It’s true, an event of this magnitude needs a single point person for go to questions.  But I find the greatest value is often in the important roles of others on my team.

One day I realized it is possible for a sponsor to come into an event, wander around the reception alone, be seated for the program and leave without ever getting the “donor love” that they need and deserve.

We know that events like these wouldn’t be sustainable without our sponsors right?

So now I put our CEO, Board members and leadership team staff all on standby to greet and mingle with our sponsors as they arrive.  Last night there were even some state dignitaries who promised to come, so I gave our team head shots so they would know who they were looking for.

I wish budgets were more generous and we could add a member to our development staff for this client. Honestly, I’d be happy to assume the role of Major Gift Officer and throw away my clipboard! I would much prefer to  have ample time to get to know our donors one-on-one at these events. But state budgets being what they are, I don’t anticipate a change.

So until that time, my philosophy is…..if you can’t thank sponsors yourself, then delegate, delegate, delegate.

Happy Spring Fundraising!

by: Michelle Jimenez, Senior Consultant HUB Philanthropic Solutions


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