What Gets Measured Gets Done


In an earlier post back in January titled, Time to Get Moving, I offered that failing to actively pursue our personal goals means they are destined to simply linger in our pile of good intentions. Goals, like strategic plans, are great… but they only matter if you act on them.

One of my recurring personal goals this year is to be consistently active each and every week and I rely heavily on my Fitbit to help me with that. In fact, I check in on my progress at least two times a day and review my stats (steps, active minutes, miles…) on a month over month basis. I get that this is pretty basic, but being ever mindful of the benchmarks I have established to achieve my goal helps me stay focused and to make adjustments when I get off track. In short, the Fitbit dashboard holds me accountable and the data provided even motivates me to push myself in a competitive manner from one week/month to the next.

What Gets Measured Gets Done

I depend on my Fitbit dashboard so much in fact that, as I was helping a client revise their development plan last year and we were discussing accountability, the inspiration for the Development Activity Tracking Assistant (DATA) was born.

Using the key actions that this particular development director was going to take to accomplish her individual fundraising goals, I put together a very simple and straightforward dashboard for her to follow. As you can see when you click on the DATA link above, there is nothing overly complex or complicated about it. It is a one page tool that tracks the key daily/weekly/monthly activities she is holding herself accountable for to reach her funding goals. And, while it should come as no surprise, it is worth noting that the majority of the actions involve donor interactions and engagement.

Once you’ve taken a look, I invite you to build your own tracking assistant dashboard.

You may want to use some of the same activities and, more than likely, you’ll come up with a few alternatives that more effectively align with your development plan. Whatever you decide, I encourage you to keep it simple and only list the key activities on your DATA that are most essential to your work.

I would be thrilled if you would share with me how it turns out. Does it help keep you on track and focused on doing the things that you know you need to succeed? If my client’s experience is any indication, I’m confident that it will help you do just that.

by: David Gee, Associate Vice President, HUB Philanthropic Solutions


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