Are you loyal to your loyal donors?


I’ve been a loyal donor to a several organizations in my lifetime.  By “loyal donor” I mean this:  I’ve contributed to these organizations regularly over a number of years, to the point where my contributions are what I consider substantial.

What I’ve noticed is that I’ve been treated differently by these organizations.  One of them sends me an annual appeal form letter, and asks me to make a gift to their annual fund.  After I make my gift I receive at thank you letter from the development office.  I’m not impressed.  Do they know that I’ve given before?  Do they know that I’ve given regularly for over twenty years?  Do they know that I consider the cumulative value of my contributions to this organization to be significant?  Do they even know that I value their mission and consider them one of my top three charitable interests?  Their behavior toward me would suggest that they know none of these things!

Another organization to which I have been a loyal donor has treated me very differently.  I receive an annual appeal of course.  And I get a thank you letter from the development office.  But in addition, I receive the following:

  • An annual invitation to breakfast with the CEO and leadership team, to receive the latest news on the mission of the organization
  • Membership in a loyalty society, recognizing donors who have given consistently for ten years or more
  • A monthly digital calendar showing pictures of the organization at work (I never use the calendar, but I know I’m being thought of!)
  • A Christmas card
  • A handwritten thank you note from a member of the Board of Directors following my annual contribution
  • A letter acknowledging when I cross a threshold (“your lifetime giving to our organization places you among our most consistent and valued donors…”
  • Written appeals to make a bequest and/or to join a planned giving society for the organization
  • A phone call from a member of the development staff, asking to meet face to face

Question:  which organization do you think I am now considering for a legacy gift, and to which one do you think I will just continue to write an annual fund gift?

Be loyal to your loyal donors!  They may not be your largest donors, but be sure to honor those who are consistent over time, recognize the value of their cumulative gifts, keep them informed about your mission and activities, ask them—face to face—to take the next step in the form of a campaign gift and/or an estate gift.  Your loyal donors will notice how you treat them compared to other organizations!

 by: Steven Murphy, Ed.D., Senior Advisor, HUB Philanthropic Solutions


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