What’s on your summer reading list?

By Tim Kennedy, Senior Consultant, HUB Philantropic Solutions

If you are like me, your Facebook feed is full of friends asking for the best summer read. And while we all will and should indulge in the summer reading books it’s also a great time to keep up to date on our industry and the latest trends.

With so many types of resources available whether it’s research studies, reports and the latest Giving USA data and through so many channels such as social media, blogs (especially this one), conferences, webinars, websites and newsletters it can be overwhelming to read and dissect them all.

A colleague recently shared an article with me in the Chronicle of Philanthropy on Women in Philanthropy. It was an impactful piece on the ever changing demographic changes in philanthropy and how “women are primed to wield philanthropic power as never before.” I shared the article with a few of the boards that I work with and many responded how much they enjoyed the read.

It reminded me that it’s always good to share these types of articles and reports to fellow staff, leadership and the board members we work with to make sure everyone involved with the organization continues to stay informed.

It also reminded me of the pile that is accumulating on my home desk. I have articles from the Chronicle, Inside Philanthropy and Nonprofit Times piled up that I need to get to this summer. It’s our job as fundraisers to remain on top of the latest giving trends, donor habits and foundation funding strategies to name a few.

While the pile on my night stand can be daunting, I’m committed to making sure I leverage all of this information to stay informed and up to date. A colleague recently recommended a book entitled Asking by Jerold Panas so I’ve added it to my summer reading list. I’ll be sure to let you know what I learn.

Happy Summer. Happy Reading



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