One Meeting for One Hour to Plan Your Golf Outing?

golf ball

By Steven Murphy, Senior Advisor, HUB Philanthropic Solutions

 There’s so much to be done to plan a golf outing for your charity.  You probably need to meet monthly for weeks to pull it off…right?  WRONG!

Entice people to join your golf outing committee with this promise:  we are going to ask you to come to one meeting for one hour.  The secret is to define the purpose of your golf outing committee as this:  to raise more money!

There are other jobs to be done in planning a golf outing, but the golf course can help you with all of them.  What golf course?  What day? What time? What to eat? Where to get refreshments?  How much to charge?  Where to drop off clubs and where to park?  You don’t need your golf committee for all those details.  Have them all figured out before you assemble your committee.

Tell the committee that the one purpose of your one, one-hour meeting is to figure out together how to generate more money for your charity.  Tell them you are doing it this way because you respect their time and need their help getting people to the event.   Tell them in advance that committee members are asked to come to the meeting ready to commit to buying one or more foursomes, and ready to contribute a raffle prize and/or a golfer gift.

A morning meeting is best.  Offer fruit and rolls and coffee and juice at 7:30, and start the meeting promptly at 8.  Let them know that they don’t have to worry about any of the details; you’ve done all that for them.  Hand out a fact sheet with all the details in writing.  Then remind them that the role of the committee is to raise money.  Go around the room and ask each member how many foursomes they will sponsor and what they will contribute as raffle prizes and/or items for the golfer gift bag.   A friendly competition will ensue and people will ooh and ah at the prizes.  Total up the dollar commitments from the committed foursomes and let them know that “thanks to you we are over XX% to our fundraising goal this morning.”  Send them on their way with a promise from each member to recruit others to attend the outing.  And don’t neglect the dinner after the outing as a separate fundraising event; attract non-golfers by letting them know it’s a social hour and dinner at a reasonable price and they can still enter the raffle and support your charity!

After the golf outing is the best time to get input into all the details for next year’s outing by doing a simple online survey to all participants.  Did they like the course, the food, the time of year?  Gather all that information and start your planning for next year, but remember:  you don’t need a committee for that!





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