The Holy Grail of Grant Writing (excerpts from In the Trenches: Grantsmanship)

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This is one in a series of excepts from HUB Philanthropic Consulting’s Expert Grant Guru, Heather Stombaugh, GPC, CFRE from her latest book.  In this excerpt, Heather defines goals and objectives and their roles in grant writing.

 Part II: Chapter 7

 What will you accomplish with your proposal goals and objectives?

Now that you have identified the problem and established your rationale for addressing it, the next step in developing your proposal is to describe to the grant maker how you intend to solve the problem. While you develop this section, it is important to keep in mind that each section of a grant proposal builds on the previous section.

  • Goals are the statements of general intent that guide your project. They are broad, abstract and generally cannot be measured.
  • An objective is a measurable step that you take towards achieving a goal. Objectives are concrete, narrow in focus and can be measured.

Objectives can generally be categorized as either “process objectives” or “outcome objectives.” Process objectives focus on the delivery of services or the implementation of a program that is needed to achieve results. Outcome objectives focus on demonstrating results. As you develop objectives, keep in mind that the sections of the proposal are not independent of each other, but are connected and should align with each other.

How will you ensure that the sections of your proposal align with each other?


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