In 2016, Resolve to Follow Three Simple Rules


By George Rattin, Associate Vice President, HUB Philanthropic Solutions

A new year has started and most of us are faced with an opportunity-an opportunity to change.   I know much is written at this time of year about New Year’s resolutions and I hate to write another post about this topic, but this year’s turn of the calendar provided me with some insight that may be helpful to you. So for all you Development professionals out there, welcome to 2016.  Here are three rules to follow for a healthy, successful new year.

  1.  You are not your job. It seems to be a simple enough statement but many of us get caught in this trap.  Our jobs are very important and we are committed to doing our very best for our organizations.  This is commendable.  However, where trouble begins to happen is when our job becomes all-consuming, preventing the separation of our work self from out-of-work self.  This has been a hard lesson for me to learn as I am blessed ( or cursed) with a very strong work ethic.  While this is often a great trait to have, it can also limit you.  I have had the tendency in the past to sacrifice my out-of-work self to do more work.  What that does is it begins to take the “you” out of your work.  You have heard the expression, “All work and no play makes ( fill in the blank) a dull boy”.  It is indeed true.  Your organization benefits from having a happy, healthy and interesting employee much more than a stressed, one-focused drone.  Make a commitment to work hard this year but to especially invest in growing your out-of-work self.
  2. Keep the important work at the top of the to-do list.  Life is full of distractions.  Those things Steven Covey called urgent but not important.  You know these tasks, they are the ” what ifs” and the projects that take you off point.  We all face these tasks on a daily basis, so how do we keep focused on the important things? Create a short bullet list of the most important goals to accomplish and put them in a place where you can constantly refer back (some use Outlook for this, others use post it notes or signs).  Whatever form works for you, use it.  Let this be your guide post and road map to keep you on track to achieving your goals.
  3. You are not the ” only game in town” so treat your supporters well.  No matter how special or unique your organization may be, there are plenty more doing other excellent work.  If you want to retain and grow your supporters, you need to be better at identifying, cultivating, engaging and stewarding them than any other organization.  Take the time this year to create a plan that puts your best supporters needs first and make sure to deliver what helps both your supporters and your organization grow together.

Following these three simple rules will not only make for a better year for your organization, but it will also improve your quality of life which inevitably will improve your quality of work.

Happy 2016!


One thought on “In 2016, Resolve to Follow Three Simple Rules

  1. Monica Peterson January 4, 2016 / 4:49 pm

    Please read this it is good. Thanks, Monica

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