Thriving through authenticity, enthusiasm and ethics

do the right thing

You are a good nonprofit organizations making a real impact in the world.  Let’s assume that much.  On paper there does not seem to be a reason why your organization should not be successful and garner the philanthropy it deserves.  Yet…

Here you are at the end of the year worrying about why the support you believe should be there is not.  What is a fundraiser to do?  On this the longest day of the year, I bring you hope.  The right thing for you as a fundraiser to do is be relentless, but do so with authenticity, enthusiasm and ethics.  These three characteristics are fundamental  for your success.

  1. Authenticity – My 13 year old daughter says this is “being real.”  Indeed that is exactly right.  How do you act?  Do people believe you really mean what you say?  Will do what you say you will do?  Giving is personal and done between two people (one of which represents and organization).  Do people have faith in you on behalf of the organization.  They should!
  2. Enthusiasm– Let’s face it, enthusiasm is infectious.  As you promote your cause, people will pick up your energy.  If you can not get excited by your cause how will others?  Be positive and engaging.
  3. Ethics – The first two really do not mean a thing if you are not doing the right thing.  Do the right thing always (even if it unpopular, will lead to a donation or advance your career.)!  It is better that people know that you will live by your word and do the right thing, because by extension this means they can have trust in you and your organization.

Fundraisers are hard workers.  But on this longest day, I remind us all to do these things.  If you do, your organizations will be more successful!  Happy Holidays!!!


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