Please Pass the Turkey, Stuffing and an Attitude of Gratitude


by Kristin Short, Senior Consultant – Laurus Strategies/Hub International

I love to host Thanksgiving dinner because the house is filled with scents of turkey, sage, and pumpkin pie.  It is a day when families gather together not just to eat dinner and watch football, but also to count their many blessings.  One of our family traditions is that before we eat dinner — we hold hands and share what we are most grateful for.

At our nonprofits, we should do the same.  Tell our supporters that we are most grateful for them.  Without the support and dedication of our donors, our nonprofits could not fulfill our wonderful missions.

As Katya Andresen wrote (in an article in “from a physiological perspective, positive emotions such as gratitude may make people feel more socially attached to others beyond themselves.”  When supporters are emotionally attached to your organization, they are more likely to commit to your cause and self-identify with your nonprofit.

This Thanksgiving, consider reaching out to your donors just to say “thank you” and not to ask them for anything.  You still have time to do one or all of the following:

  • Use all your social media resources (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) to tell your constituents you are thankful for them.
  • Send an e-card thanking them for all that they do for your organization.
  • Ask your staff or your clients to write personal Thanksgiving cards to your supporters.

Gratitude warms us, brings us together, and sustains us.  Thanksgiving is a day to celebrate and thank all of our supporters who transform the lives of the people we serve.   So remember this Thanksgiving not to just pass the turkey and the stuffing, but also to pass along your true attitude of gratitude.


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