Measure twice, cut once…and then measure again!

tape measure

The old building analogy of “measure twice and cut once: refers to investing in proper preparation before launching into action.  This is wise counsel.  Spending time planning properly will always pay off.  However in development it is not enough.  Not only must you prepare properly and take action, but you need to take the further step of measuring results.  If you do all the front work and never bother to measure the results, how will you know how effective your action was?  Did you meet the goals you set out to achieve?  To what extent?  Did the action bring the results you expected?  Why? Why not?

This axiom works in the building trades but is incomplete in the field of  development.  Proper planning and direct action will always bear better results when coupled with a clear follow-up review.  To build better long-term results for your organization, measure twice and cut once…and then measure again!


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