The Power of Clarity

mission focused

How often do we lose our way at work?  I can admit to falling victim of this over the years.  It is not that I forgot what I was doing or more importantly, what I should be doing.  It is just that I got distracted and began to move in a different direction.  What do you do to remind yourself daily of the mission you serve?  Do you plan your actions to advance your mission?  Think about this for a moment.  If you truly focused on the things that would advance your mission daily, how much better would your organization be?  How much better of a professional would you be?  Clarity is a powerful thing.  Keeping distractions at bay and focusing on THE most critical work first will improve your organization and will make you a better professional.

Starting tomorrow, ask yourself these two questions at the start of every day:

  1. What is the mission I am trying to advance?
  2. What specifically can I do to advance that mission?

You’ll see after a while a change and improvement take place thanks to the power of clarity.


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