Advancement Officers, are you thinking strategically?

Have you ever found yourself at a party where you meet someone who is genuinely interested in your work?  Though hesitant to mix work with pleasure, you launch into a great story of the impact your organization has had on the community or a need.  The person to whom you are speaking seems genuinely interested and invites you to give him a call sometime.  What do you do?  As a good Advancement Officer, I hope you do call him back.  I also hope you follow-up with some great press clips, impact stories, invite him for a tour to meet whomever.  Now, how might this story go if you replaced the “you” in this story with a Board member or significant volunteer?  Would she/he know how to react at a party?  Would she/he know how to follow-up?  This real life situation happens much more frequently than think.  So here is an opportunity to take an example from your life, and apply it strategically to your best volunteers.  You know that each has a social network.  How have you prepared them to respond about your organization?  How also have you equipped them to get information and get it to the right person in your organization?  If you don’t have clear answers to these questions.  It is now time to think strategically and empower your volunteers.  They are often your best advocates in the public and would willingly help, with your support.  Take the step and empower and train your volunteers.  With this in place, your prospect pipeline will be renewed and never run dry!


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