When hard work is just not enough

lightbulb among questions


Anyone who has supervised others has heard this familiar refrain before, “But, I work so hard!”  It usually is true.  These employees are working hard, but many times are toiling with the wrong end in mind.  Often our employees, and let’s be honest, sometimes we, get caught in this cycle of hard work and we fail to ask ourselves the question, “Are we working hard at the right things?”  In theses days of doing more with less it more important than ever to work strategically.  Start your day by asking yourself the question, “What must I do to accomplish my goals?” and then focus on those things.  Working strategically is important as it focuses your attention on the most important work and leads to accomplishing goals.  Avoid the tyranny of the urgent but nonessential activities as those pull you away from those things upon which you must focus.  So when meeting with those hard-working employees (or when looking in the mirror), praise their (your) work ethic and challenge them (yourself) to apply that energy to strategically important work.  With that focus, both the employee (or yourself) and the organization will excel.


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