Three things to do before the calendar year ends



I never seem to stop making “to do” lists.  They help keep me organized and moving in the right direction.  As I was looking at the end of another calendar year, I put together a simple list of things that we should all plan on doing before the end of December.

1) Thank your donors and show them that their gift has made an impact at your organization – We all think about end of the year solicitations, but how many of us spend time coming up with meaningful ways to thank and show our donors how important they are to our organizations?  Do it this year.  Share a story of how your organization made a difference, then connect that difference to the donor’s support.  By doing this you bring the donor in to the credit and show them, in a meaningful way, that they make a difference.

2) Ask a donor for a second (or third or…) gift – Too often the notion of an annual fund restricts our fundraising.  This year, make plans to solicit all your donors again.  You can do it in many different ways.  Remember to acknowledge the fact that they are donors, but perhaps a specific campaign ask or an event like #Giving Tuesday, will bring another gift from an already supportive donor.

3)  – Check your fundraising plan and make adjustments – The end of the calendar year marks a milestone in an organization’s planning.  Regardless of your when your planning cycle actually ends, use this time to  check how your actual results compare to your planned results–If you are ahead, congratulations!  However, if you are behind your goal, adjust your plan so that you can close your year successfully.

While there are many things to do at the end of the year.  These are my top three.  What three things will you do?


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