Don’t forget your staff

At a recent Laurus Strategies’ Fundraising Workshop, we discussed focusing on four key audiences as a way of prioritizing your work during trying financial times.  At Laurus we believe that people help support what they help build.  So these days we are advising our clients to build meaningful relationships through engaging your donors, volunteers, partners and the often overlooked group, our staff.  Many nonprofits are doing extraordinary work but have structural divisions between development and program work.  These divisions sometimes are formal or sometime are unwritten but built over time.  Regardless of how they are formed, these barriers prevent us from making a connection that must be made.  Our example at the workshop revolved around a social service agency.  Our development consultant was able to bring together a primary care provider with a donor to share first-hand knowledge of the impact this organization has in changing lives.  There was no one better than this staff person to share the “real” story of this organization’s work.  By connecting staff with donors, you create a real bond to the organization’s mission and a greater connection to your work.

Break down barriers and make sure to utilize your greatest assets, your staff, when you are telling your story or making connections between a donor’s support and the real impact that their dollars have in helping change lives.


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