“Effective altruism”


 Peter Singer’s opinion column in the August 10th issue of the New York Times, raises a very interesting point, If you had money to donate, which charity would you support?  Singer provides an example to show that their is a way to make  choices between different “good” causes.     This example really illustrates a growing phenomenon among donors.   Not only are donors seeking the best causes, but they are seeking the charities who will make the biggest “bang for the buck.”  This term is dubbed “Effective Altruism” by Singer and really should be something all charities are thinking about.  As donors  seek  effectiveness, charities need to be able to do more than just tell donors they make a difference, but need to be able to prove they do and do it better than others.  Data and planning need to be a greater part of the nonprofit landscape.  Using data to illustrate how effectively you deliver your mission will have a long-term positive impact on all you do, by providing a tangible narrative showing both your effectiveness and worth.


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