What about the weekend for appeals?


I have been thinking quite a bit lately about how to maximize returns on online appeals.  An article by Sarah Frostenson in the Chronicle of Philanthropy took my thinking in another direction.  Much has been written about the dates that bring the highest number of commitments (Monday) or the highest average gift (Thursday), but as fundraisers struggle to rise above the noise in electronic appeals Ms. Frostenson suggests looking at weekends.  Now, she does not suggest that weekend appeals are right for all charities.  She does suggest those that engage volunteers on the weekends, like animal shelters could use this appeal effectively.  With only 13.5% of appeals being sent on weekends, could this be a solution for your nonprofit?   How can you know?  You mus test!  Test different types of appeals and send on different days of the week and see how your constituency reacts.  Don’t forget, print does drive people to the electronic media.  Do not neglect one for the other, but focus on an integrated and supportive approach.

I for one am looking to the weekends and seeing how they might help the nonprofits with whom I work.  What are you doing to cut through the noise!



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