Athletic Fundraisers in the current landscape–Tips to be successful


As I prepare for another golf outing this year, I was struck by some sound advice in Raymund Flandez’s article in the May 23, 2013 issue of the Chronicle of Philanthropy entitled, ” Fastest Growing Athletic Fundraisers Focus on Large Donors“.  Though much of the money raised (approx. 70%) in this segment comes from the top 10 charity events, there has been a rise in many smaller charities’ event proceeds and performance as well.  Mr. Flandez summarizes four techniques that those successful athletic fundraisers used.  They are:

1) Create meaningful experiences for the participants

2) Increase support for the local arms of national fundraisers

3) Focus on the most loyal supporters.

4) Find a way to tie the event to the charity’s mission.

I agree with the importance of these four techniques.  I am especially reminded of how we not only need to share our mission story, but connect how the donors have a real and lasting impact on that mission through their participation in the event.  Mr. Flandez’s point #3, Focus on loyal supporters really resonated with me.  We need to build upon those who have been our best and most loyal supporters,  steward them and let them know the impact of their gifts.  They are the group most likely to continue and increase support.

What are ways you incorporate these four techniques in your events?



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