Holly is right!

NPPAC consultants at Laurus Strategies, Chicago

In an article written by Holly Hall and published in the Chronicle of Philanthropy on May 5, 2013 entitled, “Temporary Fundraisers Can Ease the Strain of Rampant Turnover,” Ms. Hall discusses the virtues of using seasoned Development Officers as temporary staffing solutions. As a Development professional who is serving in a position  I can speak directly to the short-term benefit of this arrangement.  Bringing in an experienced Development Consultant as a short-term solution has several benefits:

  1. It creates (or re-creates) a functioning Development Operation that can more easily be handed off, eventually, to a permanent employee.
  2. The issue of leadership voids created by vacancies is circumvented.
  3. Temporary staffing allows for maximum, benefit to an organization who has struggled due to staffing vacancies or poor hires by bringing in experienced leadership who can move immediately and keep an organization moving.

Temporary Staffing isn’t the solution for everything.  It isn’t a light switch that you flip to make everything better.  It is however a solution to enable an organization move through a period of transition and be better able to continue moving forward.

Please let me know what you think about this issue?  Could temporary staffing be a solution for your organization?



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