What is social media’s value to fundrasing?

social mediaimages

I admit it.  I did not grow up with social media.  As a matter of fact I feel like I walked into a hurricane and am struggling to find my direction.  Though not a “natural” user, I do see great value in social networking sites.  They create an immediacy and community that are responsible for some significant things world wide.  However, as fundraisers, there is also a great chase for “friend” and “likes” taking place.  My question, is, “Why are we so busy chasing?”

A recent study co-authored by M+R Strategic Services in Washington, D.C., and Portland, Ore.-based Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) analyzed online messaging, fundraising, advocacy, social media and mobile metrics from some of the nation’s leading nonprofits.  A report about the study can be found at the here.  It’s well documented that nonprofits aren’t raising much money via social networks but is anyone actually reading your status updates or clicking on the links?  The article provides some of the statistics, but the real question is “What is social media’s value to fundraising?” #Doessocialmediahelpfundraising

Please way in with your thoughts!



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